Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tivo for the brain

Do you ever wish their was a rewind button on your brain?
I mean we all have these great thoughts, or sometimes thoughts we think are great when we are drunk.
(see texts from last night website for example)
For me it is often late at night as I am lying in bed and have a great thought run through my head. It could be anything from a reply I should have said in response to some one's words to me or a fabulous sentence for the book that I am wishing to write. It is times like these that a tivo like device for our brains would come in handy. Crazy big brother-1984 type thought I know, but can you see how handy it would be. You could record a moment to play over and over again. You could pull that random thought or sentence up when you are fully conscious....it would be great. Of course I could just put a note pad by my bed and write it down when it comes to me, but hello-way too easy & practical!
Though our brains are amazing things and at times can pull those crazy thoughts back up. I had one such great phrase come to me the other evening as I lay in bed drifting off into lala land. I actually remembered it today, of course I remembered it while I was driving so I couldn't write it down, but still I remembered! I am sure if I concentrate real hard it might even come back once more.
So, now off to put a bit of time in typing away at my never ending start to my novel/short story collection. I think if I ever manage to finish I would be amazed. Of course I read all of these other amazing books and semi despair of writing anything half as good, but I am working on my confidence issues....really.

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