Sunday, May 17, 2009

not so good at this...

I just noticed in posting the last blog that it had been almost two weeks between posts. Luckily I think I have only about 3 people who even read this so I am not disappointing many when I don't write. I guess life has just been a bit busier than I thought in the past weeks. I have a lot of things going on within my circle of friends and family that is keeping my head spinning. I thought about blogging on some of it, but it is all quite personal and gets hard to be general enough to not upset those who might be involved.
The high & low points are as follows.
I am semi not speaking to a very close friend as we have differing views on what our friendship should entail.
My brother is amazing for being a good man & taking care of the people in his life.
My house got a new piece of furniture...a damn cute couch!
I am still mostly unemployed, though I applied for 3 jobs in the past 2 days, including a church secretary...and yes you read that right.
I haven't had anything to drink as far as alcohol since happy hour with some friends on Thursday.
I saw Star Trek ~ it rocked. I would go again!
Went shopping and bought a dress & super cute shoes for my 20th
high school reunion.
Paid all of my bills and am broke again until the end of next week when I get my paycheck.
Oh well, that's life!

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