Sunday, May 17, 2009

life, ain't it funny?

A couple months back I went south to visit friends and while on the trip spent a good part of the evening at the ER. In the end the visit was a minor one, but the conversation my friend, her mom and I had while waiting made me laugh. My friend's mom was talking about all of the things that bothered her. They ranged from french manicures to tattoos. My friend said to her mom, you are getting quite opinionated in your older age and her mom replied "what else do I have to do?"
It made me laugh then and now. We all have little pet peeves, bad drivers, people who talk on their cell phone in check out lines, a certain word that they hate to hear...whatever it may be.
We have to balance the things that irritate us with the things that make us smile. I have been trying to look at the glass half full way of life much more lately. So, in that vein rather than complain about things here are a couple of things that amused me in the last few days.
The woman at the local beach side farmer's market who walked around wearing a bra as a bathing suit top. How do I know it was a bra? Well, I own the same one & would never think to wear it on the outside of my clothing.
The alarm at work that flashes after arming it to "please leave now" with the seconds counting down. Why this amuses me so I don't know, but it does.
People who call my restaurant in the morning to ask if I think it will be busy that evening...hmm, let me look at my crystal ball. I smile each time and bite my tongue to not say some smart ass remark.
Most of the TV shows from the 80's. I just watched the entire series of Square Pegs on DVD this weekend. It was actually a very well written, sarcastic show, but at 12 or 13 I don't think I got most of the humor. For example in the Halloween episode the one black character on the show talks about silly white people are dressing up in sheets and walking around. Plus the clothes alone make me smile, never mind the valley girl speak. Then there is Johnny Slash, the new wave one on the of my first crushes. Sadly the actor who played him passed away the year I graduated HS.
Neil Patrick Harris in both of the Harold & Kumar movies...random and strange, but hella funny.
The concept of one size fits all clothing, seriously?
Warning tags on hair dryers, curling irons etc that say to not use while sleeping. Really?
Jen Lancaster's book Such a Pretty Fat or Why Pie is Not the Answer
This is a fabulous book for any woman who has ever dieted...oh wait I think that is like every woman on the planet!
There are so many more things that make me smile, but I think you get the basic idea of what I did this weekend to smile.
Hope you had some happy moments of your own!

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