Sunday, April 25, 2010

slow and steady

I am starting to appreciate how easy it is to accumulate stuff and how hard it is to decide what to do with said stuff when you move. I have an amazingly large collection of books, an abundance of glass & pottery collected over the course of many years that are ever so hard to decide what is worth packing...though I am going with "can it be replaced?" I am going to be staying at a smaller place for a couple of months and then who knows where, thus trying to really move as little as possible!
I am amazed at the things that I feel I can't part with, the furniture is easy, but the art& knick knacks are killing me! I have until June 7th, but my goal is to be out of this place by May 31 so it is only about a month to get it all done...oh my.
Just breathe and focus on something each day...that is my mantra!

Monday, April 12, 2010

books, books and more books

omg do have enough yes I do! my goodness I just sorted through my first of 6 bookshelves and found that I was only willing to move about 1/3 of them so far. I have a feeling the books & kitchen stuff will be where I have issues parting with them. trying to look at it as if I can't replace it I can keep hard though!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

housing and packing stress

I am just a little bit stressed about the whole idea of moving. I find myself focusing on the most random of things, having to call to shut off my utilities, finding boxes to pack up all of my "stuff" and of course the biggie....where on earth this next stage of my life will take me. Much to my surprise I am finding that so far the sorting through my stuff has involved letting go of quite a lot. My feeling is this is a chance to let go of baggage, both conceptual & real. I want to be more like my dad who retired to Mexico with the clothes that fit in the saddlebags on his motorcycle (with a few boxes stored under my house) though to be realistic I know I am not able to let go of that much!
It is a great thing to strive for though...ok, back to packing boxes.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, I found out today via certified letter that my landlord feels my house needs a major overhaul and I have 2 months to find a new place to live.
I would say this is a shock, but it would be a lie as they had not responded to my calls in regards to a leak in my roof. My thought was that they were either going to fix it & raise my rent or do this. The big thing is that I have been here for close to 13 years and it seems so surreal to be packing up my many belongings and finding a new home.
The possibilities are endless though. I can stay within my same town, move somewhere else locally, or move out of state.
so many things to think about & options to weigh...