Thursday, February 2, 2012


I just read a fab blog I discovered via Pinterest
(a scarily addictive website I have quickly found a part of my daily routine)
It is called Can you stay for dinner?
It is written by a young woman who 5 years ago lost 135 pounds, about half of her body weight. She has since maintained that weight, but I was most impressed at her point of view as to the person she was before, during & after losing weight. It is about what is inside of us just as much as our outside.
Reading her thoughts made me stop and think about my happiness level with my life. I feel the last couple of years I have made major live changes to get myself into a place where overall I am a happier person. I have let go of "toxic"people that were in my life and celebrated those who make me a better version of myself.
Here is to hoping that 2012 brings even more brightness into my life.