Wednesday, October 24, 2012

self image

Ok, so here is the thing....we as woman tend to have issues with our self or body image.
Big shock, I know...and I am not saying men do not also have
said issues, but let's face it woman are SO much harder on ourselves
and each other than a man could ever be.
Why is this?
Does it make us feel better to put down another?
I just do not pretend to understand this phenomenom at all and know that at
some point in my life I also had those moments where I said or thought
less than kind words about another.
The reason why this topic is being brought up for my blog ramblings is based on
 my own attempt at getting healthier
(and the response from my friends & family as I do)
and a recent post I saw on
The women featured in the video do not have what the media would say is the ideal body, yet they all have love for their we all should!
I am slowly working on embracing the things I love about myself and working to change my view on the things I do not love.
That is the biggest trick in life I believe, focusing upon the positive and working
on turning the negatives around.
Recently I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week as part of
my effort to get into better shape. Putting my time & money where my mouth is so to speak by paying for a personal trainer 2 times a month in addition to taking classes. My main problem is that workout clothes are the least flattering clothing to a person carrying extra weight...and the gym is filled with mirrors for you to see any & all of your flaws. I try not to think of myself in negative ways, but in a class filled with people who are several sizes smaller and a decade younger than myself I can't lie I have to work at being positive!
My outlook of late is I am there, putting in the time & effort.
At the moment I might not be in the best shape, but damn it I am working hard at changing that.
My friends & family have been amazing at encouraging & complimenting me through my journey.
I of course love being told how nicely I am doing, but there is that nagging voice that tells you how far you have to go...
So, here is my challenge to all of my lovely women friends...
Find 3 things you love about your body and what it can do for you.
To be fair I'll even share mine
1). I love my smile, which I use often to show the world how much I am enjoying my life! 
2). I love my feet (I know this is a weird one, but just read on...)
 they support me in my day to day living, including work
(waitressing is hard on the whole body, but especially the feet)
and a touch of fun nail polish color on those lil toes can just brighten up my day!
3). My hair, I am not super girly and thus don't do much with it, but it has always cooperated with me and takes very little to look good (thank goodness!)
I would love to say butt, legs or other such parts, but I am not quite there yet.
give me a few more months in the gym and that may change!