Monday, May 25, 2009

she said, I say

So, I have blogged a bit here and there lately about some drama I was experiencing. Basically a person I thought I was very close to is going through a period of intense change and feels that it is best to not talk to those around her. This is a person I would have said I knew quite a lot about and yet due to all of this it is as if I don't even know her. There is a bit of passive-aggressive behavior going on also in her not responding. It is ok for this person to leave cryptic posts on FB about how people aren't supporting her happiness, but not ok to actually communicate so we can know about it? I honestly give.
To me this just reeks of selfishness and game playing. If you want others to understand what you are going through you must share the else can they understand. I will say that at this point it is not about taking sides, being supportive or even happiness. It is about if this person values our friendship or not. In talking to other friends who know both of us I was told that she feels sad about our distance right now. If that is true then act upon it. Pick up the phone or send a text, an email...something. The longer it goes on with no connection the thinner that thread becomes.
I also found out that a dear friend I have known forever is having serious medical issues & is facing the possibility of a pacemaker at 40 due to them. I sat down and thought about all of this and realized I know exactly why I am not sleeping, having migraines and generally feeling run down. It is all of this stress of other people around me. I need to make sure that while I am supportive of them, that I also take time for myself. I have reached out to some of my other close friends and had great conversations. I appreciate so greatly the amazing friends I have made and continue to nurture & cherish them. In times of adversity they are always there to lift my spirits, help me to see another side and just care about me.
I love them!

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