Sunday, May 27, 2012

friends make life a better place...

Had an almost 2 hour phone convo with one of my oldest friends last eve.
Love you Barbiegirl!
I love chats like that where we talk about everything and nothing, laugh and just enjoy.
It reminded me that I am truly blessed with the people who surround me.
There are friends who have come and gone over the years, but a core group has been there through it all. We may fight now and again, or not talk for a bit due to busy lives, but when push comes to shove we are there for one another!
It made me think about why some relationships work and some don't.
For me it is that I have stopped being the one who always gives. I want relationships (of ALL kinds)
where it is a back and forth, 50/50 is ideal of course, but I'll take 40/60...LOL.
In my past I was always the friend who called or initiated outings and talks, and was hurt with friends who didn't give back what I put into our relationships.
After many years I just learned that not everyone has the same views or needs in relationships and you have to accept the limitations others put on said relationships.
There have been friends who say how close we are, yet if one of us were to move the amount of contact is drastically reduced. Others whom have taken advantage of innate kindness and seemed genuinely confused when this could or would upset me?
Having experienced these less than perfect friendships illustrate what I truly want in all my future ones.
Including, but not limited to trust, love, kindness, laughter, humor and shared adventures.
Cheers to the girls who make my life better every single day.
AKS, DK, D &Barbiegirl you are my core which gives me strength every day.
SBell, A, C and R thanks for the smiles and times shared over wine & walks!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Towel Day

Those of you that are fans of the late writer Douglas Adams might be aware that May 25th has been declared "Towel Day". While I won't be carrying a towel around with me today I am planning on doing a wild release of one of his books in honor of it.
Though in other parts of the US it will be celebrated in these manners:
•In Denver, CO, Mo is having happy hour with other Douglas Adams loving ape descendents.
• will celebrate Towel Day on air!
•Impatient froods from New Londen, CT (USA) celebrated Towel Day a day early but apropriately. They watched the Original BBC version of the Hitchhikers Guide on a big screen, talked about what this series of books meant to them, their favorite scenes from the books and answered questions from newcomers.
•Also a day early, partygoers danced the night away in New Hope, PA.
•Richard S. Crawford (USA) has written a short story called "Heart of Gold". It's very fitting for the occasion. You may know Mr Crawford from Daikaijuzine.
•Travis Avery (USA) has created nice wallpapers, icons and banners that are available for free from his website.
•Joseph. E. Green (USA) wrote a great article on Douglas Adams and Towel Day. The accompanying video shows Adams as the great raconteur he was.
•Legal blog CyberLawCentral will be hosting a carnival with a Towel Day theme and asks fellow law bloggers and tweeters to provide Towel Day pictures.
• personality Lorain Blanken (USA) describes how a towel saved her father's life.
•Facerot (US) has drawn Douglas Adams and put the video on YouTube. for more details on what this worldwide event is about & how people all over the world are celebrating!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

haven't been on here in quite a while, life just got busy of late.
Moved into a new apartment which I adore...though I am far from settled into it. It is a block away from my work, cheaper & bigger than my last place. Got to love all of those factors! No on site laundry so I am getting to explore the joy of going to the Laundromat for the first time in decades...not much else is new.
Time to go fold & put away all that laundry now!
Hello again my friends