Monday, May 25, 2009

things to smile at

I am going to Colorado to see one of my best girlfriends!!!!
To say that I need this mini vacay is a serious understatement. My friend said she would love to get me out there as I obviously need to get away & she offered to help me out with the plane fare. We worked out a bit of a deal as I will play nanny one of the 2 days she will have to work while I am there and watch her little one for 8 hours. I found an amazing deal on a flight round trip from LAX for less than $200. So, with my boss being nice enough to let my coworker cover my shifts for a couple of days I am free to fly away. What is funny is I will have 6 days off than go back to work 7 in a row...haha. I am doing a little happy dance right now. Life has turned a corner to the sunny side of the street~LOL.

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