Sunday, May 24, 2009

so lovely

This was the first Memorial weekend in 6 years that I got to relax and enjoy the 3 day weekend fully. I no longer work within the beach side town in which I live, thus could relax on the beach and smile at all of the tourists who paid to enjoy what I have everyday. The big beer & music festival once again brought out a multitude of crazy, even some of whom I know. It is the ones I don't that worry me. For example the guy who knocked on my back door on Friday eve wanting to come in and look around. He was under the idea that his brother might have lived here in college. I am thinking he was drunk and confused. Why do I say that you wonder? Well, it might be that he had a beer in each hand when he came to the door. Or it could have been that I have lived here for 11 years and the people who lived here prior to that were here for 15 years. This guy wasn't that old so I am guessing he was a wee bit confused.
I retreated to the local watering hole to hang out with the scary drunk people I already know. This weekend draws a lot of former residents and coworkers back for the fun thus I enjoyed catching up with those that I saw. I watched my friends play volleyball on the beach yesterday afternoon while we waited for the town to quiet down a bit. Today after my short work day I came home and dealt with friend drama (yes it is still going on) and decided to open the windows to hear the music and let all of my stress drop away. Tomorrow is a BBQ and more volleyball. Life is good.

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