Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the art of merging

Took an impromptu trip this week down towards San Diego way to see family & friends. The drive is always pleasant for most of the trip, but there is portions of the drive thru LA that can kill me mentally & literally.
It seems that in the course of the last few years people have lost the art of merging. I am talking about traffic though this lends itself to our lives also.
I was on the 101 S where it merges with the 405 N and this lovely woman in the car in front of me decides that she should put on her brakes. Now she was going 70 or so and we were in the far right lane due to both of us apparently wanting to get onto 405. The problem was the traffic coming onto the freeway via an on-ramp. She would have been fine to slide between the two cars coming on, however she decided to break and let both on in front of her. This caused me a moment of "oh hell" as I tapped my breaks and slowed 30 MPH in 2 seconds.
I was fine, traffic went on and I merged onto my freeway of choice.
It did make me think however, what was she like in her life outside of driving?
Does she overly accommodate those in her life, while pacing herself & her needs around theirs?
I think I have a good balance of merging myself with those around me. This means that sometimes I am the one giving way, others times they are. This is what makes a friendship to me, the merging of two different lives into a new relationship. How it works is new and interesting in each it depends upon the people in it.
As I prepare to drive home today I will try to be open to letting people in, both in traffic and my life.

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