Monday, April 13, 2009

life is good

Had a day off today with gorgeous weather & nothing that absolutely had to be done. I slept in until almost 8am which for me these days is amazing! Checked my emails, all was well in my friend's lives so I thought about what to do with the day. I decided to go see if the government cheese had arrived, which it had, so off to the bank I went. I love my bank, they know my name and ask me questions about life as if they truly care. Maybe they don't, but they sure do a good job of making me feel good. Then it was off to check out a new BookCrossing shelf I heard about at a cafe in town. Had a yummy late morning snack of yogurt & granola while browsing the shelves. Found 3 books and left 3, what symmetry right?
Since I was downtown decided to head over to one of the few non chain bookstores and browse...and I am sure you are all shocked by this...I bought 3 books! Then as I was heading to TJ's to stock up on all kinds of yummy food ( my fridge was quite bare ) I hit 2 new thrift stores in town and got some great stuff. An amazing heavy glass jar from years past that was only $5, but if it had been at a antique store would have set me back at least $25. Oh, and a few more books...I really do need help with this little addiction.
After stocking my cupboards & fridge with many yummy items I came home to sit on my porch in the sun and read. I listened to the sound of kids playing at the beach. College kids joking about their nights out as they walked down to lay in the sun. It just made me relax and be thankful for what an amazing place in which I live. My life is not without it's stresses, as we all have, but when you have this to come home to it can't be that bad!

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