Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is me on a hike here in my lovely neck of the woods. I rarely am the focus of a picture as I am usually the photographer
(and not gonna lie I like it that way)
I joined a friend of mine from book club on a hike with her group yesterday.
It was a fun way to get some exercise AND meet some new peeps!!!
Consider this lil pic my latest update to my health...
I am happy with my progress so far, 22 pounds since I started late last spring. I had hit a plateau after losing the first 17 pounds...went 3 months last fall where I didn't lose anything.
Though to be positive I did not gain either!
I made myself a "plan" to follow for this year to hit my goal as my total goal of health & weight loss is to lose 108 pounds total from my start weight.
I have 86 pounds to go in 34 weeks.
That is a rate of about 2.5 pounds a week....we shall see if I hit it on time, but I will be happy with a continued loss and feeling healthier!

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