Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the great outdoors

***I wrote this blog and later added the pics, sorry for any confusion that might cause!***

During the past month I been trying to get out and explore the wonders of SLO county. I have lived here for the past 15 years and feel as if there is so much I have not seen. We tend to get complacent and go to our same fave places. I challenged myself to go do a new hike or walk each week. So, I started with the Johnson Ranch trail just off the 101 between SLO & Avila.

(the picture with the water bottle is from there)

Simply gorgeous!

The next stop was Irish Hills in SLO over near Costco.

This one lives up to the hill part of it's name! this was a good workout with amazing views overlooking our gorgeous little city. There are multiple trails here so I can go back and explore even more, which I am looking forward to!
(third picture)

I also have done a few walks at Laguna Lake in the past couple of months, which is not a new spot for me, but still a pretty place to enjoy.
(second pic)
Lastly again this one is not new, but since I no longer live in Avila I have to get my fix by going and walking at the Bob Jones trail...just soothing!
(first pic)

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