Saturday, January 22, 2011

err on the side of caution

Just got home from an all day baby shower for an old friend.
I drank a few glasses of wine between noon and 9pm, but since I had
eaten and stopped drinking in the last hour I felt good to drive.
Now let me preface this by saying I am the girl who doesn't drive after having one drink usually.
I feel that a DUI is just silly to receive as I value my life & others way too much to risk it, besides it being exceptionally expensive!
Well, I got on the freeway to drive home, played with my stereo and reached over for my water when the lights of a highway patrolman flashed behind me.
I was asked for my license and asked a number of questions in regards to where I had been and the amount of alcohol I had consumed.
I was honest about it all as I felt safe enough in my sobriety.
Then he gave me a series of tests at which point it appeared as if I was worse off than I was
(my balance sucks big time & following a black pen in the dark is not so easy)
so he asked me to blow into the breathalyzer.
Now at this point I started to think perhaps I was not as good as I thought I might be?
I asked if I had to take it and he informed me that if I did not it would go by his judgement and he erred on the side of caution.
I still felt as if I would be good and thus choose to take it.
I blew a .04 (which is below the legal limit)
that made it so I could get away with a warning, but it scared me to think it could have even been a factor. I was also told by this very nice (not bad looking CHP man) that if you are pulled over and blow over a .05 you can be arrested for drunk driving. *
I can only tell you that for me personally this was a wake up call to re-enforce my stance on not driving after consuming more than one drink.
In addition I intend to focus on my solely on driving, no drinking, eating, playing
with the stereo or phone while in the car!

•DUI — driving under the influence of alcohol — is a serious offense in California, with criminal penalties and drastic consequences. The blood alcohol limit is 0.08%, but you can also be charged regardless of blood alcohol amount if the police can prove you were affected by the alcohol. (And remember, regardless of DUI offences, in the US the legal drinking age is 21).

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