Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year, new intentions

Starting off the new year with an intestinal bug of some sort that is kicking my butt in a big way. I am tired of the ever so bland diet I have been on this week...bananas, bread and lots of water. BORING
On the plus side I lost 5 pounds in the last couple of days, ha ha.
I had a mellow NYE in with a couple of girlfriends, a small amount of champers right at midnight to cheers. Other than that my night was alcohol free due to this tummy issue.
It appears that if I put in anything my angry lil tummy doesn't like it lets me now ASAP.
Thus I am being super careful about my choices...and as much as I wanted that champers & brie I was good and had none.
boo hiss
Here is a wish that you all have the best year
much love and blessings my friends

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