Thursday, July 30, 2009


When I was little all I wanted in life was to tag along after my big brother. He seemed so much bigger, stronger, smarter and fearless than me when we were small. There is almost 3 years between us and to be truthful it wasn't until we were both out of school and on our way into adulthood before we became friends. We have made up for that in recent years and I count him among those that would be there as quick as they could if I needed them.
He and I have both had a rough time this past 12 months or so. He moved away to live with his girlfriend an the job situation has been less than ideal.
The situation with his GF turned into a bad one on many levels, but I have to say I am exceptionally proud of the man he has become.
He stood by her through some serious issues, in spite of the fact that they personally were not in as good of a place as they had been. Then he had the strength and self confidence to leave when it was apparent it would not work. So, I applaud him for being a good man who knows when to give the help that is needed, but also when it is the right time to walk away.
I love you brother of mine.

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