Saturday, July 25, 2009


So, I am trying to understand what is going on, but it is hard when I am not a part of your life.
What would you think if you were me.
Seeing pictures that tell conflicting stories.
Not getting to talk to you. Not even being a part of your life while so much is going on. You would think things also. You would wonder.
Perhaps not, after all everyone has opinions, maybe I am reading too much or too little into it. All I know is there is a little piece of my heart that has been beat up in past months. There is a person who I normally would just pick up the phone and call, but I am no longer sure if my voice is a welcome one.
Sad, but true.
I look around me and there are pictures of us and fun times together. Items that came from you. You are so ingrained in my life that it is impossible to have you be gone from it forever, yet you are missing. I am lost as to where to go from here. How hard to try anymore. I feel as if the next action is yours. You were the one who choose to leave my circle, it is your choice on if you want to come back in...

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