Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am...

confused, tired, happy, sad, angry, emotional, crazy, joyful, amazed...I am everything.
I haven't written in the past couple of weeks as I have had so much going on. I got another part time job...woohoo! Between the two jobs I work almost 25-30 hours...haha. I am happy to have a job I enjoy once more as it has been a while. It is working in a used bookstore that I have been going to for almost 20 years. Fun and not mentally hard, but it is much more sociable than the other part time gig. Makes me appreciate what things are good about working, but it is making me not like my other job much also. So, therefore the hunt is on for a serving or bar tending gig to get the social aspect I crave & also to get me back to making more money. I feel like I just can't get ahead and I really dislike just getting by. Trying to decide what and where I want to be in my life in the next year. My long term goal (besides just being happy) is to be out of debt and in better shape by the time I am 40 ( got just over 2 years for that!)
Having some very strange health stuff going on also, but hoping to be told at the doc this week that it is all normal strange stuff...we shall see. Not much to say really, just thought I would update on the small things...

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