Monday, August 23, 2010

the times are a changing

I am noticing as I get older how my friendships have changed.
Some of it is me in that I choose to have relationships that are ones that give meaning and joy to my life. In years past I would be involved in relationships where I put so much of myself and got very little in return. As a goal to treat myself as well as I did others in my life I made some changes. In doing this I have found that some of those "friends" are becoming less of a factor within my life. It is not that I do not value them, but rather that I am choosing to value myself. I want people within my life that give to me emotionally what I am putting out into the world. It is more about knowing that if I called them with a problem they would be there to listen. Friends who would drop everything if I needed them as would I for them. It is about being present within my life even if they do not live nearby. A card in the mail, a short phone call to check in once a week or month, messages on FB...any little thing that shows you are being thought of.
As someone said it is all about the little things...

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