Thursday, August 12, 2010

late night deep thoughts and ramblings...

You know what I truly wish...
to see myself as viewed through my friends eyes.
I want to see how I am viewed by others in the world.
How my actions are perceived?
I know the spirit in which things are said or given, but you always wonder if they are taken within that same spirit?
This comes about through some issues I have had with various friends in the past year.
Over the course of my life I have been the one in relationships that tends to give more of myself, and now I want my relationships to become more equal.
In trying to treat myself better I am learning that some of my past relationships, both friendships & romantic were toxic ones for me.
I gave so much of me, that when they ended I was left feeling as if I had lost some pieces of myself.
Not to say that all these relationships were/are bad. I have learned, grown and treasure each experience as it shaped me into the person I am today....which I think is a pretty amazing one.

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