Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hot, hot, hot

I had a lovely day off yesterday in spite of the evil heat that we are experiencing right now.
I am a wimp who lives where I do as I dislike weather over 85 or so. It had the nerve to be 95 here the last couple of days. Yes, I know it is much worse in other places...however most of those places AC is a standard type of thing....not so much here. I went and bought a fan, allergy meds and frozen yogurt to cope with said heat! Today I am off to take a hike at one of my fave places on the central coast (Montana De Oro) before it gets too hot, then some cleaning of my adorable pad, then work this eve.
Doing good on my quest to be healthier, hit my 20 pound goal and now want to lose another 5 before my birthday next month. Got some fun stuff coming up in the months is starting, going to visit some friends both in & out of state.
Just have to say that I am really enjoying my life of late.

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