Wednesday, August 18, 2010

do you love your life?

So, how do you feel about your life?
Right now is it more of a FML ( F*@k my life ) or a LML ( LOVE my life ) kind of thing?
At the moment for me as part of my intention to become a happier, healthier me I am choosing to go the LML route. I saw a blog via a friend on FB about this phenomenon and have to say it struck a chord with me.
I came through so much change in the past year and have tried hard to focus upon all that is good within my life. Not going to lie, this is not an easy thing to keep up with as we all have ups and downs in our lives. The trick is to find that silver lining in each cloud that is blocking our sun.
I must say how exceptionally blessed I am with the people within my life that make it ever so easy for me to focus on the brighter side.
My biggest LML at the moment is hitting 20 pounds lost in my quest to lose weight and get healthy. This is only my first goal, but it shows that with patience, exercise and diet I can and will do it!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! That is a huge accomplishment. I'm loving my life right now and you're right: it's all about choosing to :)

  2. it is all about how you look at it for sure...