Sunday, March 1, 2009

So, this whole not being completely employed bit is getting old and quick.
Now do not get me wrong...I am happy to have a job at all, even if it is a mere 3 days a week and never more than 15 hours that I work in said week. However, the lovely government cheese decided a couple weeks back that I had flown under their radar and not done a step of their process, the phone interview. Thus they cut off any funds coming to me until I do said interview.
This was febuary 16th that I got that news, while on a mini vacation to help my mom with some stuff no less. Now 3 weeks later I am getting that phone interview ( Wed. 3-4 between 8-10am )
if they decide I am telling them the truth and my answers match what they have on paper...hello why would I lie about making so little? then I will get checks once again. Oh joy. I am looking for a job every damn day too as this just proved to me that anything that comes from the government is full of problems and failure is bound to happen. Not a ton of prospects out there due to the time of year, our crappy economy and the fact that at least 10% of CA is looking for a job too!
So, to all my friends that are job hunting I wish you luck, may we all have a job and soon!
oh and in other news I have an appt. that same day ( 3-4-09 ) with a woman at Cal Poly in regards to going back to school. if I can afford it will be the big question with my lack of funds at the moment, but I figure it is worth looking into at least, right?


  1. Isn't living in California grand right now?

  2. oh it's fab, are you still waiting to hear about the one job? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  3. Yeppers. It's taking forever to get hired or not hired. Weirdos...