Monday, March 2, 2009

latest book...Brothel

I found this book to be quite facinating. The concept of making your living having sex seems strange to me, but that is exactly what the working women of the Mustang Ranch do everyday. Alexa Albert's exploration of Nevada's infamous cathouses began as a public-health study into the safe-sex practices of these legal working girls and the effectiveness of condom requirements in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. It took her three years to gain access to the brothels, and when her project was eventually approved by the head of the Nevada Brothel Association, she was surprised to be invited to stay at Mustang Ranch, among the women of the brothel, for the duration of her research. The book is written in what I felt is a very non-judgemental way from a woman who was actually able to live at the ranch and interact with these women. She talked to them observed them to understand how and why they choose this as their lives. The confidence and yet insecurities that are shown are quite interesting. It is a powerful read regardless of what side you choose to the idea of sex for pay being right or not. In no way does this book glorify or make pretty the jobs that these women do, now does it look down upon them for it.
I offered it as a bookring on bookcrossing as I would love to get some reaction as to what others think of it. Was a bit suprised to see that I had the only copy registered on the site? With the number of people on there sometimes it suprises me what is actually available.

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