Wednesday, March 4, 2009

well damn it all

Just got off the phone with the lovely people at the government cheese factory & all is well in my world once again. The only reason why I have not gotten any checks for the past 3 weeks is that in my rush to fill it out the last time I checked NO on the box asking if you had looked for work that week. Seriously? I did this stress and irritation to myself? Well, damn me all to hell. The conversation only took 4 minutes and consisted of them asking me 4 questions, with me answering them to their staisfaction. I only had one question, was I getting the money from that time, to which the answer was yes. WooHoo, life is good once again. Got my appt. at CP today to see how hard financially it would be to get back into school. I suddenly feel so much better about life, really!

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