Sunday, March 1, 2009

the book are taking really!

In an effort to become more organized with my hobbies that are reading and bookcrossing I cleaned off 2 of my 4 bookshelves in my house this week. In doing this I went thru and registered any and all books I had on my shelves that I had not done. This led to a grand total of 349 books registered in the past month. To put this is perspective a bit, this means that my books to be read
(Mt. TBR as I like to call it )
is enought that I could not buy books for a year and have enough books to read at least one a day. OMG. I found books that I seriously thought I had read, that were just hiding out behind others on my shelf. I came across ones that I am really looking forward to reading. Also found ones that I realized I most likely will never read, good thing we have a local meet up this week!
I am doing my best to read all of my books, while at the same time not buy any more. You would think this would be easy, but books are my addiction...which is how I got to this point.
This is one of the shelves prior to being cleaned

notice there are double rows, I tricked myself a bit as i thought oh it's not that bad...hahaha. Well, since I have no cable there is a great deal of time to be reading. Next on my list is a chick lit one someone gave to me, Learning Curves and then a Brothel, a book about Mustang Ranch. I'll let you know if either is fab or just ok.
Now off to decide what to make for dinner as I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's today and have a fully stocked fridge. Then maybe I'll watch the latest episode of Dollhouse on, the first couple of episodes hooked me enough to keep watching.

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