Friday, March 27, 2009

social networking

I love and hate the concept of social networking. On one hand I am finding people I am related to, went to school with or even dated ages ago via these sites. On the negative side is that some people I would rather not find me. I didn't keep in touch with some friends from HS and college for a reason. Now all of the sudden they are on facebook or myspace or linked in or some place I am and able to see exactly what I am up to. I try to keep my info on these sites to the basic. I live in CA, by the beach, etc...not so much on details if possible. I have gotten much more selective as to what pictures I put up, comments I make to others that can be seen etc.
I am thankful that the stalker ex I had from SD is not computer savvy enough to bother trying to find me. This is the one all my friends said was so sweet because he brought flowers for every date and called me everyday. Is it also so sweet that he would call even if I said I was busy with work or school? I got off easy though with him as I realized how bad it was getting before it got bad bad bad. I ended up moving shortly after that and no trace of him ever was a nice thing.
The people that have found me lately are my cousin from M. that I lost touch with quite a number of years ago & was jazzed to get to see pics of her cute lil kidlets. In this day & age with family spread so far out I will take the contact in whatever way I can. Then just a couple weeks ago I had 2 ex-boyfriends find me. Actually excited about both of these also as I always hoped the best for both of them. They were my two serious boyfriends and meant alot to me. The funny things is both of them got married to the next girl they dated...guess I was good practice : )
The thing is that while I loved both of them and am not wishing to be with either one, it does make you stop and think what if? If things had been slightly different I could be married with kids right now , or to be a bit of a pessimist I could be divorced and looking to start over. Who knows, but it is kind of fun to ponder too.
So, all in all while there are moments I hate how available our lives are via social networking I think I have to come down on the positive side after all.

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