Thursday, February 10, 2011

motivation where are you?

I seem to have lost some motivation this week...and trying hard to get back into my groove.

I overdid everything last week with work and helping friends, oh just life in general.

I am feeling run down and a little under the weather, which of course makes me not want to do anything exercise wise.

I only did 20 minutes of yoga yesterday and feel a bit guilty!

Today is a gorgeous sunny day so I think I am going to get out and do a hike.

Hopefully I can push through the negative feelings I have at the moment...
On a side note in an effort to push myself I entered for a Transformation Challenge at a local gym. If I were to be selected as one of 3 I would receive a battery of tests before & after the 12 week period, a gym membership & training 3 times a week and a weight watcher's membership for that period also.
It is a big opportunity if I were to participate in it I know my competitive nature would kick in for sure...and give me a big push!
So, wish me luck...

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