Friday, February 19, 2010

So, in my massive cleaning undertaking I found a huge amount of photos from the past decade. I worked at the same restaurant job for most of it, 2002-2008, and had some amazing times that were over shadowed by how bad it was at the end. Finding these pics made me remember the better times, the fabulous people I met through there and the fun experiences.
I posted almost 200 pics on FB as many of my old crew is on there & I felt they would enjoy it also...and they did.
The funniest thing to come of it for me though was having a couple of people ask me to take off a certain pic of them as they felt they looked fat or ugly in it. Got to say while I did that for them, if I did that with every pic of me from the past 2 decades I did not like
there might be about 5 pics total.
Why is it that we are never satisfied with ourselves. We always want to be skinnier, have a better job, nicer house etc.
I am trying to live in the now. Be happy with the things I have, including this body of mine. Is it in the best shape it could be? no. Am I working on making it better, thus me better by being a healthier, and possibly happier me? yes.
One thing I will say is that regardless of what I weighed in these pics I found, I was happy in them. That means more to me at this point in my life than anything else so I am letting go of all the rest!

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