Tuesday, February 16, 2010

silver and gold

There is a saying about friends being either silver or gold, new or old. I have a friend that is a huge part of my life as she has been a part of it for so long. We went through first kisses, driving & first cars, high school with all of it's dramas, boys, clothing fads, drinks, graduation, college, marriage and babies (those the last two were all her!)
There are have been great times and some that were hard. We always come through it all stronger than ever. I just drove the 5 hour distance between us for one last day of spending time just the two of us as within 2 weeks she is moving out of state. It meant the world to me to get some time for us to just be together, no big party or night out of drinking. We sat on the couch went shopping and to the beach, ate, talked and just were there enjoying each other's company.
I know that while we will not be able to see each other as often, we have a special bond which will not disappear with even more distance being put between us.
I love my sweet cmg and will start saving my pennies for a visit to the "wilds" of Montana.


  1. So great that you got to have that time together! There are a couple people in my life like that...and it's neat because no matter how long we've been apart, we always seem to pick right up where we left off.

    Good to see you blogging :)

  2. thanks Sarah! I am trying to post every couple of days at least!