Wednesday, February 17, 2010

out damn spot

I am taking today to do a major house cleaning. Opened up the windows to let the sun in, cranked up some tunes and dug in. At a stopping point right now due to there being a load in both the washer & dryer at the moment so thought I'd pop off a lil blog action, go me.
It is always amazing to me how when you are doing a big clean like this your house can look even worse as you do it. I mean currently I have bedding piled on my couch, clothes all over the bed and luggage from my trip last month waiting to be put away in the closet.
If I had to walk away right now for any reason I would be quite embarrassed for anyone else to see this place!
On the positive side of things I do see the light at the end of this cleaning tunnel. I have 3 bags of stuff I want to donate sitting by my front door and have a box of books ready to go out in the post today, which means less in Mt. TBR.
I will get fresh sheets to sleep on this eve and the smell that comes from a clean home after my ever so long 4 hour shift at work.

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