Friday, June 8, 2012

leaving it all at work

To earn a living I work as a waitress and the best part of my job is that I walk away at the end of the day leaving it all behind. There are times at work where I get irritated by the craziness or stupidity of a guest.
I am sure it works both ways as I know I have been out to eat & been put off by a server, but after being in the business for 20 years I know there are lots of quirks to deal with in my profession and it falls on the server to be the professional and ignore any and all strange things people may say or do!
I have to say that after all these years I am still amazed by some of people's actions, but for me it stays at work. I may recall a funny story or two, but I no longer hold unto the irritating acts of my customers...once they walk out that door it is done. My viewpoint is it all balances, some people tip well, others not so great. Some are sweet & polite while others don't seem to think of servers as people, but rather a servant or non person. I am blessed to work in a fabulous little restaurant which has some amazing regular customers who make going to work a pleasure. In addition I like all of my co-workers, my hours and how close my job is to my home. I read a article the other day about what a bad job being in the service industry is, you can't count upon set wages (due to tips etc) and there are no benefits. While those points are true, in many ways it is the perfect job as I get to talk to people while I work & it is actually encouraged. I am never short on cash as I make money each and every day I am there, plus twice a month paychecks. So, in short I am grateful for my job and all the people it has brought into my life! 

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