Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It is funny how sometimes you talk about something with one friend and it comes up with another.
My sweet girl DK and I were just talking in a phone convo about making ourselves more of a priority & taking time for ourselves. I especially tend to take on the stress of those in my lives, I celebrate the good and cry with them over the bad...sometimes to my own detriment.
My sweet girl D wrote a fab blog on the same subject and I thought I would share it with you

She is going through a transition from a "traditional" job to being self-employed while juggling a house, husband, young child and pets. I like what she expressed about being a better person to those in her life when she takes the time for herself, in her case it is a daily yoga routine.
I also feel more calm and centered as a person when I take time to do my yoga routine. It makes me feel healthier, more relaxed and the only time of day I don't feel pressure to be "on" or "perfect" as it is only about me. I find many excuses to not do the things that make me healthier, we all know getting to the gym is the hardest part of working out after all! Yoga can be done anywhere, no special clothing or materials are needed per se which is one of my fave things about it.
Most of all though I love how I feel when I conquer a new pose...for the longest time I had a hard time with the dancer's pose. I lack balance, I tend to be like a weeble wobble in my life...slightly of balance. I could do the pose, but needed to be holding unto a chair or wall. The first time I did it in the middle of a room and held it was a huge deal for me. I am working on doing more challenging routines, but for now my focus is to merely do a form of yoga each day for my own sanity.
It makes me relax, have better balance & flexibility and in general is just good for me.
What is one thing you should do for yourself on a regular basis that you allow to slip away?
Can you make a point to allow yourself the time for that activity?
We deserve our time...carve it out and take it!

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