Thursday, July 5, 2012

my moment of wow

I just got back from a fab getaway to see my bestie.
I checked a bag for the first time in years using a fun vintage pink marbled
Samonite suitcase (it is amazing) as I doubt that there would be another one like it thus making it easy to spot! Due to it being a vintage (circa 1960's) it has no wheels so you get a bit of a workout carrying it! I was worried about the weight so I popped on the scale both holding it and without it to gauge it's weight....much to my surprise it was a mere 32 pounds. It felt so much heavier, probably due to that old school style single handle and all.
The big AHA moment for me was realizing that the suitcase I was carrying was the exact amount that I have lost to this point. So, now I am on the path to try and lose another suitcase....woohoo.

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