Thursday, March 8, 2012


So, this am I went through all of my clothes trying on things I do not wear as often and discovered I am down another size. I am (super) slowly getting to where I want to be. I have a fun plastic tote under my bed that comes out once a month for me to try on my smaller clothes. I get so excited when I can pull something out of it and today I found a pair of pants that used to be laughably tight to be a perfect fit. WOOHOO
I am starting to celebrate the small steps along the journey. I didn't gain this weight all at once & I sure as heck am not losing it all at once. I haven't posted a pic in a bit and maybe sometime soon I will for an update.
Right now it is time to get a workout in before heading to my big doctor's appt. Hoping to get good news from this one, but we shall see!
Have a fab day everyone!

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