Monday, March 5, 2012

blog vs journal

I have been doing quite a lot of writing of late, but in my old school paper
journal rather than on my blog.
Why might you ask? After all are they not the same thing at the heart?
It is the same basic idea...however there are some things I do not feel comfortable
putting out there for all to read. I may only have 4 followers according to this site, but I
have friends who pop on here and there to check it out and some of the things
I needed to talk about may have upset or even offended them.
I have been quite emotional since the beginning of the year due to a dear friend
(who I had mentioned in a previous entry on here)
going thru a divorce. I have been down to LA twice in the last month to try and be there for her.
I feel as each day brings her into a better place, but also in being there I am facing some demons of my own. It is funny how seeing someone else's struggles push your own to the surface.
So, I am putting all my fears, smiles and everything in between into words to resolve them.
Some might make it onto this blog, but others will stay tucked away in my little black book.

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