Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sleep where are you...

Yippee, the joy that is insomnia has struck me once again this week. This round it is staying up much too late & waking before the sun arises. Not so fun really. Plus your mind fills with the most trivial details in the wee morning hours and you have no one to share them with....thus I am blogging (haha)
I am kick starting my workout routine this week...I am a strange reason for this that I am not sharing with you, but it is a great shove to my motivation level. At the same time as this round of insomnia I seem to have lost most of my desire to eat. I have been having lots of stomach issues after eating of late so my diet is rapidly becoming quite boring. I pushed it and had sushi last night, which while it tasted amazing did not make me happy in the long run. I head back to the doc this week to see if we have to do a biopsy or not. Maybe all of this is stress related and I will be better after the visit? I sure hope so!

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