Sunday, January 29, 2012

goals....getting there!

so, I fell off track a bit with my diet & exercise goals.
I haven't gained....which is amazing, but I have been stuck at a small plateau for a bit now.
I should state that since I started actually tracking my weight I have lost 30 pounds and feel SO much better. I would like to lose another 70 to hit my goal, but I am focusing on a smaller one of 20 more pounds for now.
I joined a free online website which helps me track my food intake and it is eye opening to see what some of my more "empty" calorie choices are.
My goal for this next week is to watch my sugar more soda allowed.
Also to get back into my daily yoga routine...1 or 2 times a week is not doing it for me. I need the help with my balance and flexibility. Also it is my only time where I can focus on just me, not all the other stressors within my life!

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