Friday, January 20, 2012


So, I posted this letter below on my facebook notes and sent out a few messages to friends today.
I fully did not expect much from it as I know times are tough and at least half of the people I sent it to don't even know my friend so it was a risk.
I will say I am a bit suprised at the number of people who stepped up with kind words and offers of support in various ways.

HI my sweet friends...

I am taking a moment out of my day to ask for help for one of my sweet friends going thru a hard time within her life.

We all see fundraisers for people who are fighting battles, usually medical, but what about a person who is fighting an emotional or financial battle?

One of my dearest friends, Anya, who has supported me emotionally and at times even financially throughout our 20 year friendship is going thru some major life changes. After 20+ years her marriage is ending. In addition to this she also just signed a year lease on a new business, going into private practice for social work and now will be looking to move. I am looking for ways to support her emotionally & financially with all she is going thru. I am reaching out to my friends to see if there is any way for them to help. I am looking at this as friends helping friends. If you gave up that am coffee or after dinner drink with the girls for one eve and put that money towards helping my sweet friend get through a rough time in her life. If you do not have a monetary way to help (as I know times are tough for all of us) perhaps you would be willing to send a small card or note that might lift up her spirits? (Mail to me at PO BOX 123 Avila Beach, CA 93424 & I will fwd)Many of you know Anya and know what an amazing person she is. She is the most giving & caring person I know. As like most of us, it is not in her nature to ask for any help, but I have no shame in asking for her! Thanks for taking the time to read this regardless of what action you take. much love my fabulous friends!xoxox

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