Friday, January 27, 2012

and a follow up

I have to say how very surprised I am by how various friends have replied or not replied to my plea to help my friend Anya.
I wrote the note to my friends who I thought would be willing to help, even if it was only a sweet lil card to brighten her day.
I got more from people who do not know her at all
(like a couple of my fabulous Bookcrossing friends)
than I did from ones who know her, even if it is only through me.
I stopped to think about if I would be offended by getting a note like that from one of my friends if I did not know the person for whom help was being asked. I think that even if I was not in a financial way able to help I would at least respond and say that I was not able to, but how lovely of them to try on their behalf. Most likely though I would scrape up a few dollars to send though as I am one of those soft touches, haha.
Hopefully it was read and taken in by those people in the same spirit which it was sent, which was of love and friendship. I hoped for the best, but had no expectations.
I would like to say thanks to my sweet friend Steph who sent a nice gift card for me to pass along.
My sweet friend Dori also is posting off a fun book to brighten my girls spirits.
I really do think there are some amazingly lovely people in the world and I am blessed to have them in my life and that they care enough to help others!
Bless you all sweet friends!!!

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