Thursday, November 11, 2010

good deeds lead to good feelings

I made a decision this year to really enjoy the spirit of Christmas. It is my fave holiday, but I am not going to lie I find myself frustrated by how commercial it has gotten. They jump from Halloween decor to Christmas before Halloween is even finished.
Along with this desire to get back to the purer form of my love for this magical holiday I told my immediate family of my wish for them to donate their time or money to a cause they supported rather than give me a gift.
My dad had heard of a young girl in Mexico that was in need of heart surgery through a non profit run by a man he had met in Baja. He made a donation on my behalf and the letter I received in thanks was enough to make me cry while reinforcing my initial reason for doing this.

Dear Kristin:
There are moments that stop me in my tracks. Your decision to for ego a Christmas gift to give the gift of life to Itzel is already the highlight of this effort to help Itzel. The only that could top it would be a successful operation. I’m sure it will happen. I hope you get chance someday to go to El Rosario and say hello to Itzel. She will likely not recognize you but in her heart, she will know that you are someone special. To me, you are special. I hope to also meet you sometime to thank you in person. It is an honor to know you.
My warmest thanks,
Andy Schouten.
If you are looking to spread your own bit of love and goodwill within the world after reading this than please do. If you wish to help out Itzel I posted the link within this post also.
Happy Holidays to you and yours...may it be filled with love, family and all the blessings you could hope for.

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