Thursday, November 19, 2009

things to be thankful for

So, it is that time of year when we think of all the things we are thankful for.
the obvious come to mind when you sit down for that big family meal; family, friends and their support.
Here are some things I am thankful for right now in my life.
The people who while not blood related to me are my family.
A & B for the amazingly wonderful people they are. There are so many little things they do that make them so dear do me, letting me drop in to stay the eve before I fly out to visit other friends, dropping me off at the fly away or picking me up from LAX. Above all of that I would not have my sweet little cherry darling if it were not for them & each day as I drive that lil car I think of their generosity.
One of the highlights of my week is my phone chat with A, we catch up on all of the big & little details of our lives and even when we talk about nothing I feel better for it.
D in CO for flying me out to visit when I really needed an attitude adjustment. She knew that I was going thru a hard time in my life and helped me out by just being her. The perspective and love that she shares with me on a daily basis helps keep me sane.
DJ S for being my partner in crime here in crazyville, sometimes I just need to hang out with someone who understands the ups & downs to this sweet lil town in which we live. She gets that while I can be a girly girl I love a good football game, as does she, and can toss back the drinks as well as some of the boys we know. I thank her ex and my brother's ex for allowing us to have met and become friends, just shows good things can come out of the bad.
DK, even though we have had a very rocky year and are still working towards what we once had I am happy to have you in my life. You were there through so many major life moments with me and I truly cannot imagine my life without you in it.
My brother, mom and dad of course for being the individuals they are and for helping me when I need it.
Each one brings something different and special to my life.
I really am the person I am today because of the people who surround me.
This past year and these people have made me into the person I am right now and each day are giving me the love and support to keep growing.
I am thankful for my two obs.
I love working at each of them as they are like little families.
For the first time in many years I actually look forward to going to work.
My sweet lil house by the sea, it is a constant work in progress, but it is my home & sanctuary.
The fact that there is food in fridge, a roof over my head and money to pay for all of these.
I am truly blessed to be living this life and having the chance to share it with all of you.
much love

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