Friday, November 20, 2009

play day

I treated myself to a play day yesterday and went thrift store shopping. I haven't been doing that as I am trying very hard to stick to a tight budget right now.
I spent $30 yesterday and got a fabulous, funky ocean painting in a great vintage frame, a punch bowl still in it's original box, some books (as I have a small book addiction) and a few frames that I will be personalizing for my holiday gift giving.

I absolutely love hunting through things that others no longer want and imagining stories of who they might have belonged to. Personally I love that the majority of furniture I own has come from thrift stores or garage sales. I have spent less money and gotten items that speak to me in some way. My style is eclectic to be certain, things I like might not be the things others like, however since they are for me alone it doesn't matter.

To me my house is a reflection of who I am, it shows all aspects of my personality from the girly to the goofy. I treasure all of my pictures as they reflect places I have traveled and people I love. To me the ultimate compliment is someone telling me how comfortable they feel in my home. It is my haven from the world and if others feel even a portion of that then I have done something right.

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