Thursday, October 15, 2009

did you ever?

Have you ever played this game?
One person asks "did you ever?" and you respond if you have.
It can be a silly drinking game, one in which to get to know people better or just plan strange. I remember playing it in college while dating a boy and learning some things about him that made me not want to be dating him anymore.
I don't miss dating, but I do miss some of the good things about the act of being in the dating world. The flutters you get inside when you have your first kiss with a boy you like. The point which you get comfortable enough with the one you are dating to stay in and watch a movie in your pjs with no make up. Having them meet your friends for the first time & waiting to hear if they approve?
I watch the good and bad of my friends relationships and most of the time I am ever so happy being single. There are times though that I wish for those feelings again. Then there are times that I feel like being in a relationship would make me lose some of my fiercely fought for independence.
I think back fondly on my past and the men & boys who made my love life so interesting. These people helped shape who I am today, for good or bad. They made me want to not settle and date someone just for the sake of being a couple. They gave me confidence in myself to make choices that might hurt at the time, but are best in the long run. They are in the past for a reason, but they have not been forgotten.

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