Sunday, October 18, 2009

africa hot

The last couple of days have been ever so hot here. Like Africa hot. I am not one who enjoys the heat in case you couldn't tell. My sweet lil house also has no insulation or AC so when it gets hot outside it gets HOT inside. I don't sleep well when it is hot, not that I sleep so well the rest of the time, but still. I have this odd quirk of liking it to be cold when I sleep, so when it is hot I have a hard time sleeping. Part of the problem is that I like a blanket over me, it is part of my little routine...and when it is hot it is not possible to have a cover on without sweating.
I used to have a comfy couch in the living room that enabled me to sleep under the window fan when it got this hot. My new couch is comfy for sitting & short naps, but all night it would be hard on the back for sure. Hopefully this bit of heat will be passing quickly, I for one am ready for sweater weather!

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