Monday, August 10, 2009

twice in one day?

Social networking is good and bad. Sites like Facebook & twitter can keep you updated on the dramas and celebrations of those you know. It can also make you feel like you are back in high school all over again. I logged on this weekend to FB only to find that I couldn't access a couple of friends profiles. One did not show up at all, the other just didn't show up to me. I guess I got dropped! Now, I wonder, did this person decide to not have me as their friend due to events going on that they didn't want me to know about? Or did they just clean their page and thought, we never talk...bye bye. Who knows. The other profile is back today, so maybe FB was being crazy or perhaps the person did some adjusting of their page. Not quite sure. All I do know is that this site is currently the only contact I have with some people and that is a bit sad to me. While I applaud the being able to get in contact with people from hs, old coworkers and family that lives all over the world I wish that some of those I am closer to would make more effort to pick up the phone rather than sending me a flower, drink or tacky 80's gift on FB. Maybe I want too much from people. I also prefer to talk on the phone rather than text. I think texting should be for small things like I'll be there in 20 or do you need something from the store? Not hearing about the death of someone you know. (oh yeah got news this way in the past year)
Maybe I am not embracing the digital age as well as others, but I think we are losing a bit of the personal touch with all of this technology. I miss hour long phone talks with my friends and emails that contained more than jokes. Don't even get me started on the seemingly lost concept of letter writing.

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