Thursday, August 13, 2009

feast or famine

really it is one or the other.
I have been treading along of late with my 2 part time jobs (20 or so hours per week between them) that still didn't pay me enough to be able to go off of my supplemental unemployment of the past 7 months. Now, I got a serving job that is 3 shifts (yippee!) and thus gave notice at my bookkeeping gig. So, now at the moment I have 3 jobs, though it will be down to 2 in about 2 weeks. Having said this I also got a call back from another restaurant I applied to last week looking for a server. If the hours were for the ones I have open I might be interested. It would be like working one full time job, just divided by 3 jobs...haha. The cool thing is that as of 2 weekends from now I will have Sundays as my one full day off from all jobs! Just in time for football...woot woot! yeah, I am that girl.
So, I will keep you updated but for now I am back in the world of waiting tables and smiling for tips : )

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