Thursday, September 15, 2011

so big can be sexy, but is it healthy?

Found this blog :

to be interesting as I was told about this show by a friend and after watching 3 episode so far I am torn on how I feel about the show as a whole.

I am working very hard at being a healthier version of myself and I do worry for the extra weight that the woman are carrying & how it can affect their health.

At first I thought they all seemed so comfortable with their bodies, but I will say after watching multiple episodes they all seem to have some self esteem issues just like most women.

In a episode where there was a fashion show, more than one of the women had problems with being seen in a swimsuit on the catwalk.

I think as women we have things we love & hate about our body at any size. I always hear from friends how much they will love their body when they lose weight, yet when they get to their goal they find that they are still not satisfied.

I am working with learning to love my body at the size it is while making it a smaller, healthier body. I want my body to be a strong one, able to let me do more and life longer, losing weight will enable me to do this, which is why I am working so hard.

I will never be a small girl, I have always been of the curvy variety & have no shame in liking that for myself. What I want is to be more athletic, strong, and confident with a lighter step!

I do love though that there are shows on TV that show women of a larger size to show everyone that there is beauty in all sizes!

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