Friday, September 16, 2011

40 things...

So, I'm making a list of 40 things I want to accomplish in my 40th year.

I figure I am starting a new era so i should kick it off with a bang!

I am taking suggestions on things to put on the list as I am stalled out at 25....feel free to give me ideas!

To give you perspective I have put my top 10 below...

1. Zip line

2. go to a museum & see a major work of art (Van Gogh, Degas etc)

3. try stand up paddling

4. Hike all of the trails listed in the Day Hikes of SLO Co. book

5. reach my goal weight (1/3 of the way there!)

6. Finally make that trip to Catalina with my bestie

7. travel to any of the cities on my "want to see" list

8. ride a horse

9. pay off my credit card

10. read all the books in my TBR pile

and what would you do?


  1. I will totally add that one to my list my sweet friend! you are # 26 now ♥